Summary: This article deals with how to check the visa card balance and the steps are discussed in different ways.

It is essential to keep a check on the available balance in your gift card. The gift cards are the most convenient way of purchasing but if there is not enough balance then your card will be declined during the purchase and that could be quite embarrassing.

Gift Card Balance

Following are the ways by which you can check vanilla visa gift card balance:

  1. You have to call the visa card provider; the contact number will usually be present in the leaflets received along with the card. Just call the number, mention the card number and you will be given the details of the available balance in your card.
  2. This method is the manual checking of the balance by totaling up the deductions you have made in the past using the gift card. This method is quite misleading because you might end up making miscalculations. Hence this is not recommended for perfect calculations.
  3. One of the easy way is to log in to official website of the visa, once you visit the website it will ask you to enter the card number. Follow the instructions mentioned ad you will be provided with the history of the transactions made.

It is better to follow any one of the method to check the balance as many of the retailers will not be able to detect it in their systems. In case of insufficient balance the card will be declined automatically without prior notice.

In case the total amount exceeds the amount present in the card then you can ask the cashier to take up the amount from the card and the remaining balance can be paid through other mode of payment.

In some cases, it happens that people will their card unchecked and their money gets wasted, this happens when the cashier says the card has been declined mostly due to technical problems. Don’t forget to collect the receipts from the bill point after making the payment. This is helpful in case of any returns of replacement of the items bought. You can ask the retailer to put back the amount of the refund back in the gift card so that you can use it afterwards. The refund process usually takes maximum of seven days.

Now that you are aware of the process to check vanilla visa gift card balance, it is now that you become a responsible shopper. Keep a track of how much money you spend and maintain the budget easily. This way you can gift the card to your wife and ask her to do shopping with the gift cards, as you know women love shopping and there will not be any limit when it comes to buying their preferences. They are widely used everywhere and can be wiped the same way as the debit card does.