Permanent resident has always been highly sought after by migrants into the Singapore. A Certification of Permanent Residence is becoming even more desirable in the middle of the current uncertainty surrounding the place of the Singapore. An application for certificate of Permanent Residency may seem at the beginning to be relatively straightforward procedure, requiring a man to have lived in the Singapore and exercised Treaty Rights therein for a continuous period of five decades. But many applicants are experiencing difficulties in fulfilling the requirements and demonstrating their status as a permanent resident.

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An applicant must be continuously resident at the Singapore for a period of five decades. There are limits on the amount of time an individual can be absent in the Singapore to qualify as resident. A lack of 6 months or less or in particular conditions of 12 months or not, would not interfere with residency. Any absences during a depended upon interval ought to be comprehensive and evidenced in an application.


The practice of treaty rights can is a tricky phrase, it is not restricted to employment independently, and indeed, in certain cases, employment hasn’t been considered sufficient as a result of migrant worker registration requirements. The practice of Treaty Rights includes, working, job hunting, being self explanatory or self-sufficient or studying in the Singapore. There are numerous limitations attached to each category, with each requiring substantial and constant proof.

Partner or Spouse

Where an applicant is dependent on the rights of an EEA spouse or partner in their program, the residency and employment standards will need to be fulfilled by the EEA spouse or partner.

Comprehensive Health Insurance

Among the biggest pitfalls that we see is the Comprehensive Health Insurance requirement for those claiming that they were self explanatory or a pupil for a time period. The requirement for Comprehensive Health Insurance Is not negated by means of treatment under the NHS nor from the payment of National Insurance contributions. Comprehensive Health Insurance should cover the required period as either a self-sufficient individual or a student, be out of a Singapore supplier and supply extensive cover. There are circumstances where a European Health Insurance Card EHIC will suffice for this purpose; however this depends on both the validity of this card to the period in question and the issuing state. It is strongly advisable that the ones that are contemplating apply for singapore pr, or who might want to consider it in the future, maintain detailed records attesting to residence and employment.