Are you in a busy life? Need some to take care of your new born. Nannies play a major role in confinement now. But the caretaker should be chosen with care before appointing.

Eligibility criteria for confinement nanny,

1) Nanny should be able to understand the language of the employer

2) Nanny will work at the employer’s residence. The proper residence help should be provided

3) She should be between the age of 23-60

4) If the nanny is hired from another state then the employer should get the nanny work permit to work in the residence

5) Since the Nanny deals with your new born. She should undergo a medical health check-up before joining.

6) Make sure Nanny is not engaged in any other jobs either in full- time or part- time

7) The baby should be more than 16 weeks. Only then the nanny should be assigned

8) Confinement nanny medical insurance should be taken by the employer.

9) The employer must pay a monthly levy. Payment can be in cash or transactions.

10) If the nanny is from another state, the basic pay for the nanny should be higher than inner state pay

nanny medical insurance

Documents required from Nanny

1) If the Nanny is from the same state, she should submit the citizenship or permanent residence proof

2) Copy of the passport or employer dependants passes. If she is from another state

3) Nanny is allowed to work only in the work permit areas.

4) Copy of a letter from the doctor regarding the medical checkup. The doctors report regarding the caretaking job

5) Copy of her educational certificates